Welcome to the Pennsylvania Chapter of ASMBS

The goal of Pennsylvania chapter of ASMBS is to help bariatric surgery community address the current challenges including inadequate reimbursement, rising professional liability insurance costs, coverage denials, and bias against our specialty and our patients. It is an amazing statistic that less than 2% of the patients eligible for bariatric surgery actually undergo surgery. The ASMBSPA feels strongly that we need to band together in order to improve the practice and delivery of bariatric surgical services to residents of Pennsylvania. The leadership of the ASMBSPA is dedicated to providing members with current, pertinent information regarding bariatric surgery. This website includes a member’s only forum where these issues and more may be discussed openly and proposals for solutions discussed. Join the AMSBSPA today.

The ASMBSPA strives to improve communication, education and networking opportunities for the bariatric surgeons and integrated health professionals within our state. Our annual conference provides an opportunity for networking as well as formal educational opportunities. Click here to learn more and to participatee in the upcoming conference.